Zooparty - 3 Track Demo

"Having never heard of Zooparty before I decided to try a little experiment - I ignored the cover and accompanying press release and just placed the CD straight into the player. 'Smile' passed by and never really made any sort of impression. 'Is This All We Need?' and 'Anymore' however, caught my ear so I pressed, "repeat" and after running through it all again pressed, "repeat" again, and so it went for an hour. At the end, one thing stuck in my head; "hmmm sounds like 1976 all over again". All 3 tracks have a certain urgency about them and reminded me of the later punk years when bands like the Damned and The Lurkers had really learned to play and their melodies really came to the fore. There's a slight whiff of the Clash here and there and I was sufficiently intrigued to eventually crack and check out the bio, website and their myspace. The classic pop/punk feel of this would have been no surprise had I known that Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols/Rich Kids) and Brian James (The Damned) had been involved in helping the band out and in production!

Overall, I'm sufficiently intrigued by this to want to hear more and certainly check out the band live. This 3 track sounds just a little bit too "safe" for my tastes and I think that live the songs would get a bit more oomph, taking them to a whole new level. I'd also really liked to have seen a lyric sheet. Does "Is This All We Need?" really begin with the lyric "Woke up with a hair cut that I couldn't believe in"?

Oh and guys - one last point. That myspace site needs a lot more work"

by Phil Thompson

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