Zoodrive - Not Fully Medicated

Zoodrive's 'Not Fully Medicated' marks the coming together of several established musicians from Varberg; South-West Sweden. Vocalist 'Eke' (Björn Ekerstedt) was moonlighting from his fulltime band; 'Bluefish', when he hooked up with guitarist 'Linkan' (Fredrik Andersson), who was at the time playing for 'Livin' Parazite', and who has recently recorded an album with former Shy / current TNT vocalist Tony Mills under the imaginative moniker 'The Andersson Mills Project'! Andersson had also played guitar with 'Parallel Universe' before hooking up with Eke.

These are busy guys, and no mistake!

Except, maybe they're just a bit too busy…

Too busy to have updated their website since May 2005!

Too busy to get around to finishing and releasing the album to which this EP was a precursor!

But none of that should detract from the five songs on offer here; for 'Not Fully Medicated' is as fine a slab of alt. rock as you'll hear this year!

Eke's vocal style is hugely reminiscent of former Cyclefly vocalist Declan O'Shea's, with it's metallic almost synthesised tones. In fact, the whole sound evokes that of the sadly missed Anglo-Irish quintet, and anyone lucky enough to catch Cyclefly during their all too brief tenure will tell you that this is a very good thing indeed!

'Soldiers' sets the tone for the entire EP, and, whist the band showcases some interesting variances to their sound throughout, you get the feeling that this is the true Zoodrive sound - three minutes of hugely sing-able melodies, with loads of little twists thrown in to the mix to keep you interested during repeated listenings. 'Ambulance' is up next, and, whilst maintaining the feel of the opening track, actually brings to mind the post-punk meanderings of John Lydon's Public Image Ltd. Over almost before it has started, this track hints at a depth and variety that would serve a full-length CD well. One of five standout tracks on this CD!

Further exploring the versatility of this hugely talented outfit, 'Painladder' takes you on a trippy, almost psychedelic journey, into territories more frequently inhabited by the likes of Perry Farrell and Jane's Addiction. The change of pace serves the disc well, and at only three and a half minutes leaves you no time to get bored before 'Sideburns & Skinflicks' - by far the heaviest track on this disc picks up where the 'Ambulance' dropped you off. Finally, 'Start My Motor' - clocking in at over five and a half minutes is by far the longest track on the CD. A shared lead vocal with an unnamed female singer adds a further dimension to this atmospheric, melancholy piece.

All five of the songs on this EP can be heard at the band's website. If you fancy trying something a bit different this year, you could do a whole lot worse than checking out Zoodrive!

A truly inspiring CD, from a truly special band!


by Danzai

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