Zombina & the Skeletones - Mondo Zombina

Zombina and the Skeletones are a pop/rock/psychobilly band from Liverpool, England, and I thought football was the only great thing to come out of this fine city in recent years!

Mondo Zombina kicks off with 'Zombie Hop', the catchiest track I've heard ever, fantastic! I would love to leave it there, as that is all I think needs saying, but you probably want more of a review than that…right?

What else needs to be said?.....It blew me away!

'New Orleans Incident' starts off with silent movie style piano, you know the kind when the bad guy kidnaps the damsel and ties her to the railway track! I loved the use of the Sax on 'Spring Heeled jack' and the lovely Mexican sounding trumpet on 'Counting On Your Suicide'. It is so good to hear something original using real instruments (apologies to all the guitarists and drummers out there, I love you guys and I hope you understand what I mean).

Harp, saxophone, trumpet, keyboards and great vocals (even though it's a female vocalist! shock horror) teamed up with fantastic guitar and drum work. Awesome!

by Talia Kane

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