Enuff Z'Nuff - Welcome To Blue Island

Enuff Z'nuff are survivors, and while many of their eighties contemporaries have been contented with merely touring and leaning on the power of past glories, the Chicago band have continued to consistently release new music. With the 2002 release "Welcome to Blue Island", we see the band release their eleventh album, further solidifying themselves as one of the most productive units of the late eighties.

They seem to have taken a step back from their heavier, faster sounding previous releases "Paraphernalia" and "10" and opted instead for a cool laid back composition, reminiscent of previous releases such as "Strength" and "Seven". The melodies wind around tight rhythms in upbeat numbers "Saturday" and "Roll Me" and the easygoing mood of the album is apparent in its subtle hooks which, meld the verse to the chorus rather than isolating the two as separate entities.

Detractors will forever accuse the band of plundering the sound of The Beatles and Cheap Trick. Now while this isn't totally untrue (hey, we all need inspiration, right?) Enuff Z'nuff have composed a body of work that stands on its own and "Welcome to Blue Island" adds yet another chapter to the book of one of the hardest working bands in the genre.

by Lycan Davis

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