Zitter - The Vulture Punk n' Roll Machine

Now this is an odd one. The latest release from Swedish two piece - Zitter - is a ten track puzzle that's very hard to categorise (A good thing some would no doubt say). Yes it's got a vaguely glam feel but the heavy guitar emphasis lends it more to the rock end of the spectrum.

Goth punks might well go for bassists Fred's downbeat, sometimes sneering vocals that are reminiscent of Alice Cooper.
Given that the band consists of a guitarist and a bassist it's perhaps no surprise that much of the rest sounds a little processed. Keyboards are real but the drum sound screams, "drum machine" and starts to grate after a while. However it's a minor gripe with an otherwise quality album.

Throughout, the band manages to provide variety without falling into the "token ballad" trap. Once again, there's a good knowledge of how to write a decent song, each managing to stay dynamic with judicious use of instrumental breaks. Choruses are catchy without exactly being sing-a-long and the guitars crunch when required with ample backing from the keyboards to add a bit more depth if needed.

This certainly isn't for everybody and I wouldn't say that it's an immediate grab on first listen but it does repay on repeated listening. So, not one that you're going to hear on the radio or in a club and want to rush out and buy but it's well worth tracking the band down on Myspace or Soundclick to "try before you buy" as it were. Remember though - you'll need to listen to it a few times before it yields up it's subtleties!

by Phil T.

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