Zico Chain - Where Would You Rather Be?

It's been almost two years since I first saw "Zico Chain in a live environment. The UK trio were supporting US powerpop gods "Tsar" and where playing to less than ten people in a venue that held two hundred plus. Credit to "The Zicos" on that night they plied their heavily Seattle influenced wears like they were playing to a sold out crowd and more importantly like they were headlining.

They impressed me so much I promptly scoured the interweb to try and hear what they sounded like in the studio environment and I found…. well very little really. Now two years on after seemingly toured every UK toilet in that time with the likes of "Wolfmother" and "Towers of London" we get their debut single "Where Would You Rather Be?"

The feedback heavy guitar and glam stomping drums that herald the arrival of Zico Chain's recording arrival certainly have more in common with "Josh Homme" fronting "Mr M Manson's" band than any plaid shirt wearing musician from the early 90's. And this reinvention of the UK guitar scene in itself makes this a compelling listen for my good self.

"Where Would You Rather Be?" Is already a Radio One Rock Show Record Of The Week, and this is good honest rock n roll played as big and bold as King Kong's balls.

Check them out live yourselves to see what I mean, there is a club tour of the UK throughout April 2007. Or better still why not buy this single when it is released in early May 2007 and give "Fall Out Boy" something to cry into their Emo apples about.

by Johnny H.

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