Zeropunk - Zeropunk

Track listing:
01 - Welcome To The Future
02 - The Portal
03 - Seed
04 - Rabbit Hole
05 - The Journey
06 - Rotten Apple
07 - Gladiator
08 - Machine Graveyard
09 - Rain
10 - Flowers Of The Abyss
11 - Drown
12 - Tide Comes In

ZEROPUNK's self titled debut is some heavy rock electronica of the highest order although the electronica doesn't really seem prevelant on a lot of the tracks.

I have to say I was expected an EBM/industrial style but Zeropunk really know how to get a real guitar groove going with some fabulous riffs. Opending track Welcome To The Future is the only track that really has a true electronica feel to it although the guitars are still heavy on this track. When the songs aren't rocking along they break back into a mellow, almost trippy, groove. Rotten Apple verges a little on Nine Inch Nails territory while other songs have a Pendulum style feel to them but it's mainly guitar based with the electronics providing a supporting role.

All the songs sound very original and have quite a futuristic feel to them thanks to the background soundscape provide with the electronics.

Zeropunk have landed on this planet to make their mark and this debut album will certainly help to get them noticed.

Standout tracks:
Welcome To The Future
The Portal
Rotten Apple
The Gladiator
Tide Comes In

by K.T.Glitz

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