Zebrahead - MFZB

Zebrahead are back with 'MFZB', their follow-up to 2000's excellent 'Playmate of the Year', and produces an effort that shows the band developing into a mature outfit.

While the idea of rap metal is one that might raise an eyebrow, Zebrahead tosses in enough hooks and strong melodies to carry the day for any glam fan. They expand on the music of 'Playmate of the Year', confidently playing a wide variety of songs ranging from beautiful slow tempos to those that sometimes border on nu-metal. The true strength of Zebrahead remains, as always, with the vocal ability of singer Justin Mauriello and rapper Ali Tabatabaee. Their chemistry creates explosive dynamics that pushes this collection of songs above and beyond the quality of your average rap-metal band (I'd try to compare their sound to a band to give you an idea of what to expect, but I can't think of anyone that sounds like them), so all I will say is… for those looking to expand their musical tastes, this CD is truly worth a shot.

by Lycan Davis

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