Zappnin Black - Jesus Christ Supercross

I popped in the ZB 5 track disc, and when I do reviews of bands I have never heard, I like to check out there websites, read up on the band, and also read the info that is sent to me. Well… the band's bio was like a short novel, which took me longer to read then to listen to the 5-track disc.

ZB tunes weren't all that bad, half decent that reminded me of one of those bands that are playing a club you are at, and you are waiting for the headliner and you sit through a few local bands, and drink some beers and tap your foot to the band playing while shooting the breez, with your buds.

ZB, aren't metal, aren't glam, aren't techo, they are just a rock n roll band. Nothing too 'stand-outish' here that really grabs me, just drink a few beers tap your foot and wait for the headliner.

Breez's Rating
2 out of 5 Stars

by Bay Breez

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