Zan Clan - We Are Zan Clan... Who the Fuck Are You?

Zan Clan's album We Are The Zan Clan…Who The Fuck Are You? provides us with heavy, sleazy songs, mixing pop with a profusion of melody. It has to be said that a few of the songs on the album sound a bit like front man Zinny Zan's former band, Shotgun Messiah, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

This album shows some real talent, making it difficult to single out any particular songs to comment on but some of my favourites are the Def Leopard -esque opening track Go Go Go and the hard driving Mess Ya Up. High speed Junkie is another top tune of the album with its over-the-top chorus and screeching guitars.

It's clear that Zinny Zan knows what the people want and he hasn't forgotten it innthe making of this album. We Are The Zan Clan…Who The Fuck Are You? doesn't provide us with anything new or contemporary but shows us a group of killer rockers producing and good album with memorable tracks and guitars that have the capability of making your spine shiver.

This CD is bound to remind anyone of the 80's which, in my opinion is a good thing and is a must buy for any guitar enthusiast into over-the top guitars. Music like this gives us a bit of a kick in the face when we need it, and boy, do we need I sometimes!

by Sarah Street

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