You Me At Six - Jealous Minds Think Alike

At the exact moment that this single tip-toed into my inbox - y'know, the one with the fluorescent "As featured on Blabbermouth" sticker ;-) - You Me At Six found themselves sitting (not very) pretty on the cover of Kerrang.

In 1984, cock rock conspiracy theorists felt that George Orwell's totalitarian vision was being realised in the form of a purple clad pop pixie. While putting Prince on the cover of Kerrang may not have been Ministry of Truth style editing of history, it did offer up a question that continues to dog Britain's best known metal magazine - were the people behind the publication making a spirited stand for independent thought by putting whatever they wanted on the cover, or were they merely jumping on every bandwagon that passed through their offices, milking every cash cow commercial success in the desperate hunt for more sales? Anyone who has followed Kerrang's journey from essential reading to successor to Smash Hits probably already knows the answer.......

Being on the cover of a big selling music magazine is great for any young band and You Me At Six will feel no different, although Kerrang is probably far more unimportant to their generation than it was to mine. The constant championing of bands that are real 'here today, gone tomorrow' acts (and that feels like they are outstaying their welcome in many instances) is one of the root causes of this as the young girls who are now the target audience move through pop star crushes quicker than they move through bases in their teenage years. Three years ago, a friend of mine went from small town obscurity to the cover of Smash Hits in several short months. His journey back was almost as quick, his posters covered over by four layers of blu-tacked pin ups in the blink of an adolescent eye. You Me At Six will probably fare no better - the band have the looks and star quality of your average college bus stop queue and in a decade's time will be solely remembered for being someone's first crush.

The song itself, 'Jealous Minds Think Alike' - taken from the recently released album 'Take Off Your Colours' - is a pleasant little trip through the 'what's fashionable' checklist and will no doubt have size four feet tapping along with it in every branch of Claire's Accessories situated in the UK. The song teaches us nothing about the human condition other than that average looking boys playing identikit popular songs used to win school talent shows, now they are on the cover of the Heavy Metal Bible.

by Gaz E.

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