Witch- Paralysed

When this CD first landed on my welcome mat, I honestly thought I was receiving the rebirth of the Eighties Californian glam/shock band by the same name, especially with its metallic art work and bat logos.

Nah… think again Glitziner, this is the Vermont based "Witch" who just happen to have a certain "J Mascus" on drums. So this 9-track debut is much less "W.A.S.P" and far more "MC5".

Given that Witch singer "Kyle Thomas" fronts up 8 piece New England avant-folk outfit "Feathers" the last thing you would expect to launch itself from your stereo is the feral "Motorhead meets Mudhoney" rage that is tracks like "Eye" and the aptly named "1000MPH". "Space God" also tipping its hat to the more psychedelic aspects of Mr Kilminster's previous act "Hawkwind" riding on a quasi intellectualised lyric that really sets you on a head fuck not the like of seen since the 60's imploded in a mist of mandrax, flairs and hippy wigs.

The rest of "Witch's" ragtag garage punk sound is made up around the dynamics created of bass player "Dave Sweetapple" and rhythm guitarist "Asa Irons" the later also of "Feathers". Within the barrage of sound that makes up the intro riff to "Mutated" the duo clearly sets out its mission statement to reinvent riff rock for 2008 and stamp it with the "Witch" trademark.

Forget my initial disappointment that this CD wasn't some semi obscure Eighties glam band. This semi obscure cult band of the very here are now are playing some mightily fierce rock n' roll and the drummer uses a 28" bass drum to boot. What more could you need from a band?

This is music to turn out the lights and immerse yourself in, fucked up and intelligently angry it might be, but with repeated listens this debut certainly awards you the listener with a mindscape of "Psychotic Rock".

4 out of 5.

by Johnny H.

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