Winter Parade - Two

Before I listened to Winter Parade I read that they were recommended for fans of Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Journey etc. and that raised my expectations, if this album is compared to bands like those, it has to be good.

I turned on the album, and the first two seconds sounded a bit promising at least, but then it started to sound, frankly, weird. This didn't sound like hard rock from the 80's, it sounded like pop music from the 90's.

"St John's Asylum" was a lot better than the first song "Real Life City", it wasn't great, but there was an improvement. One thing for sure though, this band shouldn't use a synthesizer in any of their songs because they can't do anything good with it. "Rollercoaster" wasn't such a failure as so many of the previous songs, but the chorus was a disaster, a returning theme on this album.

"Lion's Den" brought the thought "at least it can't get any worse", and in this case it didn't. Lion's Den sounded something like an intro to a TV series from the 90's. There are tempo jumps, which make the song confusing and annoying, also the vocals sound like they're being sung by someone a bit over average at a karaoke bar.

The best song on the album was "Gone (from my life)" which sounds more like good music should sound. The tempo and melody didn't jump around, and there were not as many disturbing elements. The bad part though was the passage from verse to chorus, it's ugly and could have been done better.

If you like Whitesnake or Bon Jovi, stick with them because this is nothing like either.

Rating: 1/10

by Johanna Salo

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