Willycranes - Domestic Disturbance

Moonwalkin' over the horizon like the last gang in town - and not just any town, but the mysterious town of Meatlake, Dickland - Willycranes have produced a record so reckless that it might just tear off your arm and slap you with it, across both your face and neck. With no song stepping over the three minute mark (hell, half are under two minutes!) "Domestic Disturbance" is as fast as a muscle car and as brutal as a bullfight.

Like a head on car-crashing of styles, this molotov cocktail of punk, garage and classic rock - with a hefty meat injection of buzzsaw boogie - is as basic as AC/DC or Motorhead, Rose Tattoo or Ramones but, happily, also as appealing. The songs hit like knuckle dusters and will leave you as bloody as a new tattoo.

This hell ride of an album is a powder keg of streetgang vocals and terrace chantalongs, although I remain unsure as to just how many terraced football stadiums there are in Meatlake. Anthemic and unapologetic, these songs are fist-in-the-air footstompers; opener 'Gasser' is a punch to the windpipe, 'The Rama Lama Riot' and 'Your Average S.O.B. At The Carnival' - not just great song titles, but great songs. 'Total Fuck Up' features a crazed female answerphone message that is almost as OTT as the band's biography. And any band who have a song in their arsenal called 'Shitkicker' get the Gene Siskel decayed thumbs up from this handsome reviewer.

If any of you cool kids have, whilst kneeling at your altars of rock, noticed a CD sized gap in your music collection, then I suggest that you give Willycranes the chance to arm wrestle their way in between The Supersuckers and Nashville Pussy albums and fill that slot with hot rock 'n' roll.

by A GAZ E Joint

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