Wildhearts - Riff After Riff

For a band that's recently reunited, The Wildhearts are releasing music like madmen. Not counting singles with bonus tracks, 'Riff After Riff' is the band's third release since 2002. The CD (a full length re-release of 'Riff After Riff After Motherfuckin' Riff sans the sub par Vanilla Radio') contains that classic Wildhearts sound we've come to adore and runs along the same vein as 'Earth Vs.' and 'P.H.U.Q'. Fortunately, the band has wisely strayed from the industrial leanings found on 1997's 'Endless, Nameless'.

The lyrics aren't exactly overly intelligent but they do avoid cheesiness. With 'Riff After Riff' coupled with the bands tour of the states supporting 'The Darkness', Ginger and co. are going back to their roots to make an attempt at becoming household names on this continent. Whether they make it or not, 'Riff After Riff' is a big, loud, and valiant attempt.

by Lycan Davis

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