Wig Wam - Non Stop Rock And Roll

Track listing:
01 - Do Ya Wanna Taste It
02 - Walls Come Down
03 - Wild One
04 - C'mon Everybody
05 - Man In the Moon
06 - Still I'm Burning
07 - All You Wanted
08 - Non Stop Rock And Roll
09 - From Here
10 - Rocket Through My Heart
11 - Chasing Rainbows
12 - Gotta Get It On (Bonus track for Europe & USA in the first edition digipak)

Let's party! Norwegian glamsters WIG WAM have arrived with some NON STOP ROCK AND ROLL!

This is my kind of album! Who needs parody bands when you can have the genuine article drawing from classic 80s glam without taking the mickey with it!

Do Ya Wanna Taste It kicks things off in style with an funky rhythm and infectious chorus and the choruses just keep on coming from start to finish.

All of the songs on offer here are glam gems. There are shades of Aerosmith and Poison all over this album giving it a real arena sound.

If you like bands like Jettblack and Reckless Love then you'll love Wig Wam. Miss this album at your peril!

WIG WAM are playing two headline shows in the UK. Their NON STOP ROCK'N ROLL TOUR hits UNDERWORLD in London October 1st and CORPORATION in Sheffield October 2nd.

Standout tracks:
Do Ya Wanna Taste It
Wild One
Non Stop Rock And Roll
From Here
Rocket Through My Heart

by K.T.Glitz

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