White Widdow - White Widdow

Track listing:
01 - Shoukai (Intro) - Tokyo Rain
02 - Broken Hearts Won't Last Forever
03 - We've Got The Wings
04 - Cross To Bare
05 - Don't Fail Me Now
06 - Spirit Of Fire
07 - Shadows Of Love
08 - One More Day
09 - Change Of Passion
10 - Fire & Ice

The future of AOR is bright, the future is White! Australia's WHITE WIDDOW turn out a classic with the release of their killer debut WHITE WIDDOW.

White Widdow are like a wonderful blend of Bon Jovi and Foreigner and have a fantastic 80s vibe about them.

This album really is superb, catchy hooks, catchy riffs, snazzy keyboards and BIG choruses with the sort of pomp and circumstance that only bands destined for arena greatness can really conjur up. Every song is a potential hit with no filler tracks on here at all.

White Widdow is a must have album for anyone with a penchant for AOR or melodic rock.

Standout tracks:
Broken Hearts Won't Last Forever
Don't Fail Me Now
One More Day
Fire & Ice

by K.T.Glitz

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