White Hot Odyssey - S/T

You may have heard the name, 'Steve Perry' before. No, not the guy from 'Journey', but as the front man of 'The Cherry Poppin Daddies'. A new project has seen him fronting new band, 'White Hot Odyssey' with the help of Ed Cole on bass, Jivan Valpey (Passout Kings), on drums and Mark Rogers (the Courtesy Clerks) and Jason Moss (also of the of the Daddies) on guitar.

This outlandish 5 piece have set out to revive the sparkling era of Glam punk that we all know and love, whilst wearing the obligatory over the top costumes and 4 inch high platforms. 'White Hot Odyssey' bring the much needed eccentricity needed in the mostly bland world of music today.

With tracks such as 'Hot Tub Party', 'Lick the Pole' and Good head' it is clear that this band are not taking themselves too seriously. There is a definite element of 'tongue in cheek' throughout the whole record. On tracks such as 'Hot Tub Party' their sound is reminiscent of 70's legends such as T.REX mixed with just a dash of country, yes you heard me right, country. However musical variability is shown with tracks such as 'Good head' and 'Permanent juvenile' which showcase their more punk like style, with aggressive guitar riffs and strong vocals dominating the musical centrepiece. 'White Hot Odyssey' certainly push the boundaries of musical genre.

With an impressive image, that is sure to catch the eye of many, this full length album comes the emergence of a band that have more than a fighting chance of making a substantial impact on the Glam punk scene. Watch out for drag queens near you. It may just be 'White Hot odyssey' coming your way.

by Lauren May

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