We Got This Far - Blunt Force Volume

We Got This Far is an industrial rock band that is known for their heavy synths and dark musical overtones. Sounding like a mixture of Nine Inch Nails and Tool, the band's debut album "Blunt Force Volume" could best be described as a powerful blast of sound and emotion. From the moment the albums opening track "Breath Before The Plunge" begins, the album goes from one heavy song to another, barely letting up until the end.

The songs on the album shows a band that isn't afraid to try something different by today's market and do a decent job at showcasing their unique sound. "Sedona" is a haunting tune that stands out as my favorite song on the album, while "Anywhere But Here" slows the pace of the album with its ballad-esque structure, proving that this band can handle a variety of musical styles while still staying centered on the overall theme of the band.

The band shows promise, but seems to be lacking in songs that remain memorable. Hopefully, the band will mature as songwriters and create songs that will better grab hold of the listener. The album is decent for a debut; it just seems to be missing some of the hooks that you would expect based on previous bands of this genre.


by Patrick White

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