Wednesday 13 - Fang Bang

When the Murderdolls debut album was released in 2002, there was little else similar on the scene. The last time the same had been seen or heard was in the days of the Misfits and Alice Cooper. Now you'd have to have been living in a crypt to not have a vague idea of whom and what Wednesday 13 is! Murderdolls vocalist and scary frontman, Wednesday is the epitome of horror movie chic, providing macabre tongue in cheek lyrics with a sensational glam and punk rock backing. You really either love his music or you fiercely dislike it.

On his second album 'Fang Bang' he's still a nominee for every mothers nightmare and very little else has changed. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing. What certainly CAN be said about him is that he is constant and provides good music not to be taken too seriously. Like watching the Rocky Horror Show or visiting a Haunted house, you can take the opportunity to dress up and take time out from acting like a responsible adult; in fact you don't even have to act like a human being at all. And hey, everyone loves Halloween.

Strangely, the opening track 'Morgue Than Words' isn't all that creative as a place to start, and maybe something a little more chilling for an intro would've kept with the theme. That said, if it was anyone else's record you wouldn't even notice. Wednesday 13's vocals are instantly recognizable and as crisp as a zombies cod piece (you have to let me get that one in!), the chorus is slightly over repetitive but is so fast and full of high energy, it's pretty much over before you can say necrophilia. The clichés here are endless.

'American Werewolf In London' has a trashier sound and is probably this albums equivalent to 'I Walked With a Zombie' off Transylvania 90210, in the way that you can sing along, head bang through the chorus and imagine it playing anyplace the band treads. To pick a more serious track would have to be 'Faith in the Devil' which shows off a substantial amount of Motley Crue influence. The whole album is a great deal of fun to listen to but to review each song individually would almost definitely be repeating the same thing over and over. Throughout there is a heavy air of Alice Cooper in the style of vocals and theatrics, and a glammier sound in the overall music. 'Too Much Blood' really has you believing that Sebastian Bach has grabbed old Weds by the throat and taken over.

My favourite song and the one that does take a moderately different approach is 'Curse of Me', and is as close as he gets to a love song, albeit very tainted. 'Some things are worth dying for and baby that ain't me', 'tonight I hold you one last time with the stench of formaldehyde', er hum, touching.

by Sharron Grainger

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