Wednesday 13 - Fuck It, We'll Do It Live

If I'm being totally honest, live albums hadn't really done anything for me since the 70's. Gene Simmons dripping blood and the immediate impact of the gatefold sleeve of 'Alive II' was a watermark that Kiss have subsequently done their best to lower as the modern, made-up debacle that is their band jumped on the Metallica 'S&M' bandwagon and then decided to further rape and pillage the bank accounts of middle-aged men by immediately releasing discs of various "milestone" live shows. I have been happily unmarried to the Kiss machine for several years. But as one love affair ends, another grew - that of the live album. For so long these releases were seen as simply record contract obligations or the milking of a cash cow. These days, live albums are pretty much just chances to pick up some cool extra output from great bands - 'Live In London' by Toilet Boys, for example. I've been a fan of Wednesday 13 since his trashy days in Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 so, just as sure as dawn follows night, day follows dawn follows day, me liking 'Fuck It, We'll Do It Live' was a dead cert.

Given Mr 13's long-lauded love affair with hot cock rock, I'm sure he'd raise an eyebrow (if he still had any) to my comparing of his "no studio overdubbing" claim to that of the "no keyboards" disclaimer on the debut Vinnie Vincent Invasion album. Wednesday claims that 'Fuck It....' is "as close to a live experience" as he could give and I black-heartily agree because the album sounds massive! The guitars on opener 'Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed' sound like A-bombs. All the classic putridly-punned titles from the beastly back catalogue get an awesome airing; 'My Home Sweet Homicide', 'Till Death Do Us Party' and the one that gets me everytime, 'Look What The Bats Dragged In'. The Tom Petty cover 'Running Down A Dream' from the 'Bloodwork' EP makes a welcome appearance as does possibly the finest song in the Frankenstein Drag Queens crypt, 'Rambo' - this tune explodes off the disc like one of the titular character's arrow heads.

As with the recent Twisted Sister 'Live At The Astoria' release, also on the DVE label, 'Fuck It, We'll Do It Live' comes packaged with a DVD of the (Allentown, Pennsylvania) show as part of the "Live & Loud" collection. Again, the DVD is pretty basic but, as a companion piece to an ass-kicking live album, makes this an essential purchase.

by Gaz E.

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