Waysted - The Harsh Reality

In my sordid life on Planet Cock Rock, there have been few musicians as influential to me as "UFO's" bassist Pete Way.
I first drank Special Brew thanks to Pete Way, I first grew a mullet thanks to Pete Way, I bought my first bass guitar thanks to Pete Way, and most importantly I first discovered real rock n roll thanks to Pete Way.

You see back in 1983, I was hooked on all things "Dio" and "Leppard" and out of left field came this freaky looking Gothic album sleeve from my hero's new band "Waysted" and that album was their sublimely awesome debut "Vices"

For those unacquainted with the wicked "Waysted" show, they were a fighting, fucking and drinking rock n roll soap opera of a band long before "Towers of London" were a collective glint in their parent's eyes. And over the course of the bands relatively brief 5-year career they (somehow) managed to produce some mighty fine music (in the shape of 3 full length albums and 1 EP) as well as tour with the likes of "Motley Crue", "Iron Maiden" and "Ozzy Osbourne".

Well here we are in 2007 and "Waysted" are back with "The Harsh Reality". This is their second full-length album since reforming in America in 2003. This comes hard on the heels of 2005's "Back From The Dead", which was their first album with original singer Fin since "The Good The Bad The Waysted" way back in 1985 (I choose to forget the AOR years when "Waysted" ditched Fin to be fronted by the 4 sugar sweet, Danny Vaughn).

When listening to "Waysted" you have to remember that this is never meant to be an extension of Pete's Classic Rock histrionics in "UFO".
This is sleazy, dirty, fucked up, rock n roll, just like I love. Imagine classic Roth era "Van Halen" jamming with "Slade" at your local alehouse and "Rod Stewart" pops in for a quick snifter and a singsong and you won't be far off the mark.

So what do "Waysted" have to offer us in a world full of "Hardcore Superstars" and "Backyard Babies"?

Well for starters "The Harsh Reality" is the most complete sounding set of "Waysted" tunes since the "Mick Glossop" produced drumfest of the aforementioned "Vices". They have also managed to capture a truly live sound (thanks largely to Fred Purser ex of "Penetration" and "Tygers of Pan Tang's" superb production), and in the shape of Chris George they truly have a superb un-flashy guitarist to boot.

For the first time since the reunion coughed and spluttered its way back into existence, this sounds like a band ready to fuck with the world.

Every song on here is a highlight in one way or another, from the huge slice of life that is "Long Time Dead" to the abstract lyrical stomp-a-longs of "Keeping It Sweet" and "Out of Control", these fellas mean business, but the type of business you get out of the back of a van.

Add in the crunching riffola of album opener "Propaganda" and the "Samaritan Man" and you have the perfect soundtrack to fill that current empty void known as British Rock music.

I tell you this if the likes of "The Answer" are supposed to be just that…the answer, well you can "Fuck off ….Get Waysted".

Now that really is "The Harsh Reality" guys and gals.

4.5 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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