Warrior Soul - And We Rock and Roll

When Kory Clarke formed "Warrior Soul" back in the late Eighties with guitarist John Ricco, bassist Pete McLanahan, and drummer Paul Ferguson, I'd hesitate a guess that unless they had some sort of Nostradamus quality they never in a million years would have realised just how apt their name would prove to be during the history of their bastard of a musical creation.

Launched into a music world on a major label (Geffen) mid way into glam's demise and the grunge ascension. "Warrior Soul" were always that little bit different, and in albums like "Salutations From A Ghetto Nation" and "Space Age Playboys" they spat in the face of what was media cool, pissing off everyone in their wake. A gigantic thorn in the side of the corporate world of plaid shirts whores "Warrior Soul" finally bowed out in the mid nineties on a space age high, only for Kory to ply his trade with the likes of "Space Age Playboys", "Dirty Rig" and "The Stoned" in the intervening years.

Now, fast forward to 2006 and a European label (Escapi) re-released the bands back catalogue with unreleased extras and in early 2007 "Warrior Soul" were reborn with some low key UK live dates. The resulting live album "Live In England" saw the all new line up of Kory Clarke, guitarists Johnny H (no it's not me) and Rille Lundell along with bassist Janne Jarvis and drummer Rob Stevenson breathing new fire into the old standards, and proving just how timeless the bands music really was/is. I mean when you're writing pissed off songs about George Bush does it really matter if it's the Eighties or Noughties eh?

The renewed vigour and desire to re-ignite the "Warrior Soul" beacon of truth resulted in the new line up self-releasing 8 tracks of white hot punk rock n roll initially as a gig only CD called "Chinese Democracy" and now in early 2009 re-released more widely under the banner "And We Rock And Roll".

I can hear you screaming "so what the hell's the music like then?" Well it's equal parts "Salutations" and "Playboys", and on tracks like "Fuck The Pigs" and "The Fourth Reich" the venomous bile that Kory spews out leaves you in no doubt just how he sees the world today. The party hardy side of "Warrior Soul" also comes roaring through on the almost "Backyard Babies" sounding "Bad News (Rock N Roll Boyfriend) and the riffed up to max "Motor City". Then there's "She's Glaswegian", which in itself is worth your entry money, a swaggering beast of a disco riff sounding not unlike some warped post modern version of Bowie, that then somehow manages to twist itself full tilt into the bands anthem for the X Generation. Kory somehow even manages to fit "Irn Bru" into the lyric for this awesome tune, which really has to be heard to be believed.

This eight tracker does leave you feeling a little "is that it?" but possibly only because the rest of the band catalogue was so epic in its construction and proportion.

This all new "Warrior Soul" will tear your throat out with its rock n roll, drink all your booze, then fuck your girlfriend but still somehow have a political conscience.

Rock And Roll this album most certainly is, and just how I love mine, sleazy as fuck.

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5 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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