Waltham - S/T

'Waltham', (the town in Massachusetts from which they originate by the way) debut with this self-titled 12 track album. Have they delivered the goods? I'd say so, yes. Although representing a typical throw back to the American teen angst genre, they do it brilliantly well. With lyrics like, 'I bet if I was cool you'd take me on', they scream alienated lovesick teen, sure to be a hit with…. Well, alienated lovesick teens, but in the best way possible. These guys will appeal to anyone with a light attitude and the desire to bop their blues away all night. True the originality is lacking, but they pack more than enough punch to make up for it. With catchy beats, hookable riffs and a lead voice to melt over, Waltham has the package.

Highlights include album opener, 'Cheryl (Come and take a ride)' and 'Be With Me', both highlighting their pop punk roots perfectly with enough bounce to last you through 3 minutes of pop punk power. Definitely a band worth moving to.

Think 'Fall Out Boy' and 'Sugarcult' with a dab of 'Blink 182' for good measure and you wont be far off the mark when describing 'Waltham'. Riding the wave of American pop punk popularity, and ever increasing their fan base across the world, i's say they are on the road to success.

by Lauren May

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