Voodoo Six - A Little Something For You EP

London based rockers return with a new EP, A Little Something For You, and sound like they're ready for world domination. This is the first release with the new line up and follows up 2008's debut album 'First Hit For Free'.
A Little Something For You actually gives us 5 little something's, title track 'Something For You', 'Where You Want Me', 'Take The Blame', ' Live Again' and 'Long Way'.
The guys have really delivered, giving us their blend of classic rock with a contemporary edge. All five tracks are absolutely excellent and haven't been off of my MP3 player, ever, since I downloaded this digital only release.

The new line up has really come together with new vocalist Luke Purdie possessing a powerful voice, yet he tends to sing in a lower register to his predecessor which seems to add a little more weight to all of the songs.

The Voodoo Six of 2010 are out to prove something to the world again, with veteran producer Mike Fraser, and on this evidence, they won't be taking any prisoners. Not many bands get to have two chances but I swear if the full length album is up to the same quality then Voodoo Six could be set for World Wide Domination!

Rating 10/10

by Barry Gennard

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