Voodoo Six - First Hit For Free

So, the mainstream press has seen fit to declare that we are about to experience the Summer of Rock have they? Just because "David Coverdale" has suddenly re-emerged looking like some hair metal "Humphrey Cushion" closely followed by "Dusty Mop Joe Elliot", releasing one poor and one very good album between them (I'll let you guess which one actually gets my rocks off). We are all supposed to think that the UK is suddenly in the midst of some sort of rock apocalypse are we?
The more astute amongst us of course know that this supposed renaissance is really not the full story and in fact the UK has consistently been producing great talent in the field of Classic Rock over the last two decades (albeit with some limited mainstream success) with the likes of say "Paradise Lost", "The Wildhearts" and "Tokyo Dragons" waving the British rock flag in the face of the more traditional mainstream media apathy.

Step forward then, 2008's real underground great white hope for British Classic Rock, in the shape of "Voodoo Six". This five-piece outfit from London exude so much charm and vigour that they would have you believe that they were indeed the scene setters for the self styled Summer of Rock, such is the maturity of this "Mike Fraser" (AC/DC, Van Halen, and The Cult) produced monster of a debut. Formed from the ashes of "Dirty Deeds" and prior to that Eighties hard rock legends "Chariot", Voodoo Six already walk tall in a music world chock full of wanna be five minute fashion victims.

Album opener and single "Faith" and the anthemic "Saints and Sinners" are simply custom designed to fill the enormodome circuit that "Voodoo Six" are currently just waiting to crack, and with the right breaks and the correct supports great things really could be within their grasp. Of the twelve tracks on offer within "First Hit For Free", fans of bands as diverse as say "Tesla", "Span" and "Harem Scarem" will be enthralled by the rock histrionics on display, and in particular by the huge lungpower and vocal gymnastics of new kid on the block "Henry Rundell".
After support tours with Iron Maiden, Dio and UFO, the Summer of Rock now sees V6 (as they like to be called) talking on Download Festival next weekend with a UK club tour to follow. You know what? When "Steve Harris" of "Iron Maiden" pronounces "First Hit For Free" the best debut album he's heard for ages, you really do know you aren't fucking around.

4 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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