Voodoo Moonshine - Decade of Decay

Voodoo Moonshine hail from Memphis, Tennessee and have a southern groove rock sound with comparisons being made to Tesla and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I have to agree that there is a hint of early Tesla in some of the riffs, along with some of the bluesier bands of the late 80's rock scene. Decade Of Decay is their debut album.

'It's About Time' kicks the CD off in fine style, a superb groove running throughout and excellent vocals from Gary Geiger. This guy can really rip it up, his voice sounds great all the way through. Definitely one from the school of singing (remember those days?!) and not the current batch of grunting/half-assed rapping 'vocalists'. His voice gets a chance to shine on 'The One That Got Away', a slower song with a great melody and some superb playing. Whereas most ballads tend to be a bit throwaway and easily forgotten when in the midst of such great rocking tunes, this really does stand out and sticks in your head long after the guitars fade out. 'Locked and Loaded' cranks the tempo right back up with hints of early LA Guns coming to mind. Unfortunately fifth track 'Piece Of Mind' is a complete rip off of 'Sweet Home Alabama'. Parts of this track are so similar to the Skynyrd classic you can't help but think it has to be a knowing tribute rather than a band trying to pass this off as an original. I can't listen to this track all the way through because I find myself singing "Big wheels keep on turning…" every time it starts. Thankfully 'Ain't My Type' quickly makes you forget about the previous track, starting with a self deprecating radio show piss take of the trend of dismissing the '80's rock scene as a joke. This is by far the strongest track, boasting a killer chorus and guitar playing to die for. This would sound great in an arena, it's about time bands started writing songs with arena filling choruses again. 'Cobwebs In My Soul' has an Alice In Chains vibe to it, which is no bad thing, and is a great song to boot. The final three tracks are all strong, a special mention must go to 'One More Reason' (not an LA Guns cover!), which is a storming rock track and would go down great in clubs. You can almost see the hair flailing when you close your eyes.

Voodoo Moonshine are frequently described as 80's throwbacks, a tag they seem to revel in. I have to agree that this could well have been released in 1989, if it had, it quite possibly would have got lost in the myriad of releases from similar bands back then. The fact that it's actually 2006 is no bad thing as this stands out as a great album, the kind that you rarely find anymore. A shame that they included 'Piece Of Me' on the album but other than that this is an album to get excited about, and how often have you been able to say that in recent years? A European tour is currently in the process of being re-scheduled, if they manage to get the dates sorted everyone should go out of their way to go see them. These guys should be huge, with the right exposure it could well happen.

by John Baxter

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