Vision - Vision (25th Anniversary Edition)

Track listing:
01 - Dynamos
02 - Lord Is My Joy
03 - Old Man
04 - Dedicated
05 - Soldier's Song
06 - Standing On The Rock
07 - Don't Say It's Over
08 - Psalm 23
09 - You Are My Only Lord
10 - You're The One

Here we have the 25th Anniversary Edition of VISION's second album simply called VISION. Remastered tracks and extensive liner notes are the order of the day with this release.

Vision contains a few tracks from their Moutain In The Sky debut that are completely re-recorded plus some new songs. The Lynyrd Skynyrd connection is still there with Billy Powell still being a member of the band.

Unlike the debut, Vision has a harder rockier sound and stands the test of time a little better. A lot of bands have done it but their rock ballad version of Psalm 23 is one of the best offerings of this Psalm that I have heard.

Lyrically Vision continued to wear their hearts on their sleeves with this release so the message is very clear.

As with Mountain In The Sky, if you are a Christian rock completist then you must get this. If you are a fan of Kansas, Mylon Lefevre or Lynyrd Skynyrd then you would be advised to check this out.

Standout tracks:
Lord Is My Joy
Standing On The Rock
Psalm 23

by K.T.Glitz

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