Violent Divine - In Harm's Way

Why don't I get press info like this everyday? Why doesn't every band namecheck Accept in their list of musical influences? The current music scene is criminally devoid of all things Udo so I desperately want to love this band for putting that little metal terrier back at the forefront of many a hard rock connoisseur's thinking.

In Harm's Way was mixed and produced by Pontus Norgren, guitarist with Swedish metallers Hammerfall. His previous credits include work with Europe and Yngwie J. Malmsteen but, c'mon, let's not hold that against him. In fact, some of the guitars on this record sound Godzilla-massive. Violent Divine sit somewhere between the guitar-driven sound of Alice In Chains and the heavier corners of the Him back catalogue. Only on brief excursions into dated euro-metal territory does this record threaten to falter. The band shine behind the big riffs of 'Blackheart' and 'Happy Ever Afterlife' and, blessed with a good vocalist, are one Swedish band who have delivered an impressively solid record way better than some of the shit that I have to listen to.

There is a decent chance that Violent Divine can step between genres with ease. With a drummer whose image is the ultimate in trashy rock 'n' roll, the crossover into the gutter-deep Swedish sleaze arena seems assured. And there appears to be the chance of gatecrashing the 70's glam scene as the bass player is the natural successor to Dave Hill from Slade when it comes to legendary fringes. Well worth checking out.

by Gaz E.

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