Violent Divine - S/T

When your home town has a history of spewing out some of the most exhilarating rock n roll bands in the world, what are future bands expected to do to top it? Well, produce an album as near to perfect as humanly possible of course! And that is what Sweden's gorgeous Violent Divine have done.

When you then find that the guys only got together in 2005, you realise exactly what an accomplishment this is. Their self titled debut album released earlier this year features twelve orgasmic tracks of sex, sex and rock n fuckin roll. There's no denying that sex sells and Violent Divine have it dripping from every instrument. It's not unusual to expect an album to have at least one or two iffy tracks, but hard as it is to believe, this album holds none at all. From beginning to end it's a non stop rollercoaster of soul sin and glitter. Since first hearing this band, I have not taken the CD out of the machine.

Vocalist Michael Ahlstrom sings with a low sultry style similar to Tommy from The*Ga*Ga's, perfected more by only the sincerity in the lyrics.

'Lets Go' is a perfect opening song, intense drumming followed by equally as angry guitar, a great invitation to hear more and start the party. 'Love Revolution' hears some Velvet Revolver style riffs, while 'The Morning Show' is sleazier with some fitting designer lyrics and without that tackiness you sometimes get with this style of music. One thing you notice too is that there are no over use of riffs or solos, as often found. 'Enslaved' is not your usual love song and certainly doesn't start that way at all but the honesty of the lyrics grab you and the out of breath style of vocals added to an excellent guitarist paving the way, this is a truly heart wrenching tale of when love hurts. Each song really does have something to tempt you, but if I have to choose one then 'Malfunction' would be it. Throughout the whole album the lyrics are a main part of play, creating the image, telling the stories and drawing the listener further in, this song continues to do that but has an altogether spookier sound to the rest.

You will definitely be hard pressed to find a better album this year and with this in your hand then there's no need to try!

by Sharron Grainger

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