Violent Angel - Kick It Up EP

What kind of writer would open a review of a three track demo by a band from Sheffield with a nostalgic nod in the direction of a twenty three year old Scottish cult film? Me, and if you don't like it you can fuck off. Ha! I have always loved the film Restless Natives - I have an original Australian daybill in my extensive (read - 'trash filled') memorabilia collection - and I just had to shoot positive rays outta my lazer love phazer when I read that said movie was the favourite film of Violent Angel main man JJ. But this would only be some kind of pity fuck review if the band were really, really bad - thankfully, they have a bit of a clue.

Opener 'All I Want' roars along like a topless drunk in a stolen Cortina with a chorus that somehow reminds me of White Lion. I'm sure the band will thank me for that. 'She's Coming Around', with its chanted chorus and simple riff, is the kind of song that we've all heard many times before but, hey, why not hear it again? 'Distant Thunder' is a more serious stab at epic classic rock and, with a spattering of female backing vocals and some melodic soloing, is both ambitious and worthwhile.

The stripped down dirty jeans and T-shirt look of the band is cool by me but there are bands way worse who, due to wearing the right clobber and having the right haircut, find themselves with ten thousand friends on social networking sites and a street team in every country. Such is life, bruthas and sistas. The vocals need a Jolt Cola style kick of confidence but, apart from that, the band just need to keep getting cool gigs with the likes of The Loyalties, Radio Dead Ones and The Dogs D'Amour and they, like Will and Ronnie, can feel like they're bigger than the Loch Ness Monster.

by Gaz E.

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