Vincent and the Onepotts - Devils Eye

How's this for evolving in the face of a music industry that is both a parasitic worm and a dying tumour - Midlands based Vincent And The Onepotts have made all thirteen tracks from album 'Devils Eye' available for free download (full colour cover too!) from their website until November 13th 2009. After that date, the album will be made available in CD format with three extras tracks. Everyone's a winner! Well, everyone who will like the album - but who doesn't like a freebie, especially when it is as cool as this.

Peddling lowslung rock 'n' roll that they themselves confess channels both Social Distortion and The Wildhearts, the lucky thirteen songs on 'Devils Eye' are an aural tattoo parlour full of creepers and leather jackets. The Wildhearts influence hangs as heavy as a couple of the badass riffs but throughout the album I hear more than a little Rancid, especially the Matt Freeman fronted tunes - 'Drinkin With Danny' could have come from 'Let's Go' - and this is a short, sharp and sweet endorsement from this handsome reviewer. The vocals have a classic UK punk quality to them and are continually haunted by the ghost of the late, great Joe Strummer. Gang vocals abound on all choruses and on 'Five Days, Six Hours, Nine Minutes' there is a meaty hook that is catchier than the latest 24hr rolling news pandemic.

'Devils Eye' is further proof that punk 'n' roll is the new rock 'n' roll! It is a thoroughly indecent leather-coated affair that, although checking all the boxes expected of bands of this genre, is as good an example of its kind as any other record that I've heard this year. Highly recommended for those who are too cool for their school - you know who you are. Anyone who doesn't download this album for free is an enemy of rock 'n' roll.

by Gaz E.

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