Villette - 3 Track Demo

Having listened to this 3-track offering I was left with very conflicting emotions. On one hand you have some very slick and professional production and on the other hand, you have a vocalist who really needs to do his homework. Far too often, he over reaches and ends up out of key, resulting in the solid backbone laid down by the rest of the band being somewhat undermined. That's not to say this is a horrific experience, vocals aside, the song writing - though uninspired in places - shows great fluidity.

"Drama Girl" is a weak opener and relies on some very tame, throwaway vocals. Jangly and upbeat and very much an 'Indie' offering. "Devotion" is by far the strongest song in this 3-song offering and is reminiscent of early 'Smiths'. Aspiring to a certain degree of dark and brooding, the piece progresses under some nice bass playing and solid drumming, but as a token foray into darker territory it does appear forced and unsympathetic in its delivery. The fact is that, as good as the song is musically, the vocals detract and do not fit with the mood. Tip: Listen to the Editors, that's how to place a knowing nod towards your influences.

The final song, "Something Real", is the antithesis of the former, upbeat, jovial and leaning heavily upon the lo-fi 'Indie' rock scene, ala 'Libertines'. There's nothing ground breaking, or spectacular here, just competent songs played by solid musicians, but no indication that there could be a future for another confused 'Indie' rock band, when the market is currently flooded with the like. I really don't take any sense of joy in being negative to such an extent, but here's my advise to Villette - for what it's worth; find your sound, find your voice and abandon the pursuit of clichés.

by Rev G.

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