Villette - 3 Track Demo

This might just be one of the hardest reviews I have ever had to do. It's a test of being honest, but not turning people away from a band, and yet keeping away certain other people from a band.

I was sent this demo by the band Villette quite sometime ago. Many things have kept me from writing this review, personal reasons, and reasons of pure confusion by the band. Upon receiving the demo, and looking at the cover, seeing the pictures of the band, and then reading the bio, I knew this was not a band that fit in with much of the styles of the readers of Glitzine.

So on went the CD. As the first song "Drama Girl" started, my thoughts were confirmed, as were the some of the writings in the bands bio. An almost Jazz like bass line opens the song, and in falls the guitar and drums, the guitar clean with a slight hint of distortion. The sound, where they say brings memories of The Smiths and other art groups of the 80's, I found to being closer to later day Shudder To Think. The vocals are all Shudder To Think, with some of The Connells thrown into the mix. High, and pushing higher than they should at times. The guitar lets chords ring out on the choruses, but during the verse it's all ringing notes.

Song two, "Devotion", is the same style that we just went through. A mid-tempo with straining vocals, though this time it's all strumming on chords. Although this time that 80's underground feel comes through more as they mention. Song three "Something Real", is a quick paced song, yet still holding the feel established in the first two.

The thing that makes this a tough one to review is that, well, I can't stand the stuff. But the talent is there, the heart is there. It comes down to them not being a bad band at all, but rather me just disliking this style of music as much as I do. The second I saw them mention The Smiths in their bio my skin started to crawl. I hate The Smiths as much as any band I have ever disliked. I played it for my sister, and she instantly nailed The Smiths and 80's underground UK scene, the scene that eventually every band within got labeled "Goth" for being a part of. This is not a standard "by the numbers" Goth band, they are better than that, but the standard Goth people will like them. The talent is there, they have hooks, they have emotion and heart. I just don't like this style at all. If you do though, do yourself a huge favor and search these guys out, you will probably be glad and relieved that you did.

by Carl Isonhart

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