Villette - 3 Track Demo

From 4-piece band, Villette comes this intriguing demo of folk-rock. Originating from East Anglia this band has been toiling hard at the local gig scene in their hometown and London since autumn 2003.

How to describe a band like Villette? Well for starters they are nothing like anything I have heard on the current 'scene' for a while now. When listening I feel I could be transported to a time when 'The Smiths' ruled all. Yes, Villette's vocalist Paul, really does sound very much like Morrissey, and their overall feel is very much like that of 'The Smiths', with a vague splashing of something akin to 'The Libertines'. A quality I can't quite put my finger on. Soft melodies, cascading vocals draping over carefully crafted chord sequences and occasional bursts of erratic drumbeats makes sure 'Villette' will appeal to a somewhat chilled out crowd.

Tracks to listen to? 'De-humanising children' was a personal favourite with a steady, driving rhythm and a generally more excitable feel about it than the previous two tracks. With such a short demo it's hard to pin point the bands entirety, but I'd say judging from this demo that they have a lot of promise and success awaiting them. Villette's decadent style promotes a very sophisticated image and their sound is sure to be popular with favoured acoustic audiences the country over. However it should come as a refreshing change to have some 'folk', if you would call it that, really more folk fusion, back in the mix of today's 'scene'. I certainly appreciate bands willing to step outside the box and do something a little different for a change, and I'm sure many others will feel the same.

by Lauren May

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