Velvet Star - Dirty Girl

The Yorkshire terriers unleash a new 3 track EP here, "Dirty Girl" backed with "Give In To Me" and "Rockstar/Superstar".

The EP's title track opens with a riff that could have stepped straight off of a CD release from the very late eighties or early nineties. The info sheet reads, "Velvet Star ooze riffage that tips its hat to Guns n' Roses, and The Cult whilst merging it with the the sleeziness of Iggy Pop", and yes, I can see what they mean… musically.
If I'm honest though, I'm not sold on the vocals. There's nothing wrong with them, just… they're the same as a million others out there. Sometimes I feel whilst listening to this EP that the vocals lack a little in the range and passion departments. Don't get me wrong, Danny Jones does a more than competant job here, but I feel a little more passion is needed in the delivery especially on "Rockstar/Superstar", which could have graced an LA Guns album from the early 90's.

I like this EP, I really do, but it could be better.

I'd reconmend Velvet Star to fans of Guns n' Roses, The Cult, Iggy Pop, LA Guns and the sadly defunct Rich Rags.

Rating 7/10

by Barry Gennard

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