Veil Cassini - 5 Track EP

When the biog stated (more than once) that Veil Cassini were influenced by Biffy Clyro I panicked as I am not a fan. Thankfully what I found on the CD was nothing like Biffy Clyro. I have to admit that Veil Cassini's style isn't something that I would normally listen to but I have to say I was very impressed.

Most obvious influences are The Beatles (the band have some amazing melodies and harmonies) and also the Foo Fighters. They have a very melodic punk(ish) vibe about them mixed with the best bits of British Indie rock. Another band that sound great on CD but would definitely come into their element live. Brothers Hayd and Aaron Brown are very talented songwriters and have come up with a good formula that deserves to have them being played on mainstream radio.

Stand out tracks are:
Silhouette - totally awesome, great harmonies, and neat guitar work, this song would definitely be a hit!
Peek A Boo Who - a mid paced, trippy, song that is definitely British in sound and should be released as a single!

I would expect to see Veil Cassini start to get some serious media attention in 2009.

by K.T. Glitz

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