Vanity Ink - On Your Skin

The title track starts the onslaught, and as hard as it is for me to admit to liking the female vocals, (those of you who have read other reviews that I have written may well be aware of the severity of this dislike), I can't do the band the disservice of lying. There you go, I've said it!

'On Your Skin' has a mellow, almost folk, acoustic intro before knocking your socks off with some of the meatiest rock that I've heard in a while. Fabulously gritty vocals and a great awareness of musical arrangement.

The stunning vocal range is displayed to the full effect in 'Sucker'. Fantastic vocal harmonies intermingled with wonderfully dirty guitars make for a track which sounds so very filthy. A song version of the best sex you ever had, but with the person that you secretly wish you could have it with, but know full well how naughty it would be!

'Go' is a stunning example of the rock ballad at its best, all of the passion and feeling without any of the sappy sentimentalism. A magnificently well balanced composition teamed with talented songwriting makes this a truly outstanding track.

The album comes to an end with a fantastic version of the Tanita Tikaram's track, 'Twist in my Sobriety'. An up-tempo, ballsy homage to the original, very much in keeping with the all out rockiness of the rest of the CD. With vocals filthier than a fumble in the store room with your high school science teacher, and sensitive yet meaty instrumentation, this brings Vanity Ink's debut album, to a close.

An album which is exactly what it says it is. Honest Rock 'n' Roll with Pop Punk hooks and the catchiest of choruses. Thank whichever God you may worship that the people of Finland were kind enough not to keep Vanity Ink to themselves!

by Talia Kane

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