Vanity Ink - Vanity Is a Full-Time Job

'Vanity Is A Full Time Job' is the second EP release by Finish rockers Vanity Ink, a five piece female fronted band. Lead singer Anabella was the original lead singer and despite not singing on the 'Roadkills EP', she has eventually made it onto a release with her return to the band.

The immediate comparisons are always going to be with similar bands such as Princess Pang and Smashed Gladys. Musically they sound like a modern day Princess Pang (more metal than the sleaze of Smashed Gladys), a little heavier and faster but nonetheless it's all very listenable modern mainstream rock and with, dare I say it, a typical Scandinavian feel to it.

A lot of what I have been hearing and reviewing recently has been genuinely good glam/rock/metal/punk but it's all very similar in sound, style and direction. What I rarely get is something that I turn on that grabs my balls from the offset. Unfortunately this falls into the first category of being really raw, gutsy and melodic rock but offers nothing particularly unique. Perhaps if I didn't hear so much music and I listened to this in isolation it would be a ball grabber so by no means rule it out of your 'must listen to list' but this kinda just tickled my scrotem slightly, but hey, I still like that!

Bearing in mind what I said about originality, there are some great songs on here such as the fast paced 'Had Enough of Acting Nice', which is reminiscent of early LA Guns riffs and I have to say that the harmonies both male and female blend especially well in choruses in all of the five tracks.

For fans of female rock and metal bands such as Princess Pang, you will like this, it will appeal to you. Genuinely solid in approach but perhaps not so strong in originality. My final opinion, it deserves a listen as the band are certainly talented so if I haven't done them any great favours, then maybe you should by checking out the samples on their site and make up your own mind.

by Grant W.

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