Vamp - Tales of Love and Lovelessness

Sometimes there's a little more to the eye than what you might think, and this is exactly what I was thinking when I heard the reggae strains running throughout the song 'Cry' from Vamp's 'Tales of Love and Lovelessness'.

I found Vamp's S/T debut to be all over the place, ranging from straight glam numbers to tunes infused with punk and incredible power ballads. In spite of this, it was a cohesive collection. 'Tales of Love and Lovelessness' follows with 16 great tracks which, though undoubtedly glam, incorporate elements that keep it interesting.

On first listen, the subtleties of this album may be missed, but repeated spins makes the distinct qualities come to the surface. For fans of glam that goes further than mere cock rock, this is a CD to check out.

by Lycan Davis

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