UZI - Madhouse

Eonian Records here release another retrospective collection of songs by another one of the bands that fell by the wayside back in the early 90's.
UZI formed in late 1986 out of the ashes of KIDD. They started out as Dillinger, but soon changed to UZI. UZI were influenced by the metal rock wave ridden by bands like AC/DC and Motley Crue, bursts from the gates with full force, pedal to metal, hook laden and groove driven hard rock on "Madhouse". Title track 'Rocker', and the rippin' 'Do What I Do' throw caution to the wind with swaggering riffs and blistering tempos within a huge arena sound. Later, the explosive 'Raise Hell' and the nasty, sarcastic 'Wreckerd Man' blow the roof off.

Most of the songs from the 1980's reflect the hard rock sounds that were in style back then. I hear Ratt, Skid Row and even Guns 'N Roses as influences. The production quality is consistent throughout even if the styles vary slightly. They opt mainly for a mid-tempo approach, but handle a ballad good enough as well. Some of their later tracks are slightly heavier and much like someone like Skid Row on "Slave to the grind" they were attempting to keep up with the trend of heavier music becoming slightly more in fashion at the time. Really, they still sound good on these songs even if it may not be their first choice in musical direction.

This album is thoroughly enjoyable mainly because UZI really knew how to pull off and sell that great hook within each of their songs.

A highly recommended album for anyone wanting a musical blast from the past, or just someone wanting to check out what might have been.

Rating 8/10

by Barry Gennard

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