Upskirts - Sidewalk Susie

The Upskirts are the type of band I have been dreading having to review someday. They're the type of band that when you hear the CD you kind of shrug your shoulders and think to yourself "heh, O.K.". But then when you listen a bit more, the experience doesn't really go anyplace, but you know inside your head that these guys are a fantastic live band, and all of the short-comings on the CD actually fly over your head in that live situation. You just know that these guys will give you a hell of a performance and leave their guts, souls, and blood all over that stage.

This 5 song EP from Upskirts keeps reminding me of the old Punk/Metal crossover of the late 80's, but with better drumming and production. Everything in the band is gritty, including the bass and vocals. Yes, we are not too far from Motorhead territory here. They do it well, but it's a style that I am not and never was really into.

All of the songs are basically the same idea musically, there are no ballads here, and the only "dynamics" used are to turn those amps all the way up and let it all roar. Punk style riffs, played with a Metal mindset, too Punk to be Metal, too Metal to be Punk, and too much sex talk to be "Stoner Rock". Yes, the boys like their sex, but I think the name gives that away, along with song titles such as "Dirty Man" and "Barely Illegal" might lead you to believe.

Lyrically, well, they prove they like sex. The lyrics really are not the strong point at all. Simple and repetitive; there to pound a message into your head, and that message being sex. They never get really "offensive", and oddly enough only swear twice. There is one song "No Compromise", that deals with living for today and staying true to yourself but other than that, these guys need to get laid… a lot!!!

The main problem is that some of these songs run a bit too long, but this seems to be a problem I am running into with a lot of bands as of late. These songs would all work much better if they were just a quick burst of power in a 2½-minute time frame, but hey this is just my opinion.

As is, if you are looking for a new band in the style of Motorhead mixed with some Discharge, who like to sing about sex and rock and roll, then these guys are for you. But even if that isn't your thing, you might want to check them out if they roll through your town, as I will bet a years salary on it that they are amazing live!

by Carl Isonhart

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