United Enemies - All the Sick Things We Do

Sweden's United Enemies were formed in the summer of 2002 by ex-Nasty Idols and Machinegun Kelly frontman Andy Pierce. They self financed the recording and release of their "Love Kills" EP, which generated great reviews and exposure in a wide variety of music press across the world including Kerrang and Metal Hammer. A track on the soundtrack to the movie "The Bloodstained Bride" followed before the band set their sights on recording this, their debut album, with Henrik Larsson producing.

The album starts off with a sample of Timothy Leary's infamous 'Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out' line as the intro to "Dead Boy". Andy's vocals are dripping with distorted attitude that's very much like Backyard Babies at their Total 13 era. There's a great multi-layered guitar sound on this album and influences such as the New York Dolls, Iggy & the Stooges and Dead Boys loom large throughout. "I Don't Wanna Change" features a killer chorus reminiscent of the great Demolition 23, while "No Hero" has a more garage rock sound to it. "Love Kills" stands out way above a lot of the sleazy punk rock 'n' roll stuff that's out there at the moment and sounds absolutely huge, give it the right amount of publicity and it'd fill dance floors the world over. This really is a great song that screams out for your attention. After such a good first half of the album the sixth track "Down" is unfortunately a bit dull and you find yourself reaching for the skip forward button on your CD player. Thankfully "Hell-a-Vision" more than makes up for it with a fantastic riff that sucks you in once again. The album closes with the twin body blows of "New Drug" and "Living Dead" both of which are fantastic slices of dirty glam punk and leave you wanting more. Thankfully there is more… with a short but sweet slower paced hidden track shortly after the final track ends. It closes the album nicely but would have been out of place as a full length track in comparison with the rest of the songs.

Whilst the album does start to feel a bit samey in places it's still a very solid release filled with sleazy attitude and some great guitar lines. It's a shame that the reality is, not as many people will hear this as should because it's a great album that will turn a lot of heads. Buy the CD and play it for all your friends, they'll thank you for it. Sweden has once again thrown up another great band who show the rest of the world how this kinda music is done properly, it must be something in the water over there!

by John Baxter

Editors Rating: 3 out of 5

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