Underground Attack - Sleazy Dream

Finland's 'Underground Attack' have taken a step back in time, well... a couple of steps, with their debut album 'Sleazy Dream'.

Without a bio to go on, it's initially difficult to pinpoint exactly where these guys draw their inspiration but just one listen you're given quite a few hints. Whilst one foot is planted in the 1980s alongside the likes of Cinderella and Guns n Roses, Underground Attack definitely has the other foot firmly entrenched back in the 70's alongside classic rock champions like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple.

The opening track 'TBGO' typifies the sound of the entire disc combining the sounds of vintage guitars with gritty vocals, resulting in a dirty retro rock aura filling the room. Classic rock with 80's metal is a combination, which hasn't really been pursued by too many bands of late but Underground Attack jump in feet first and come out looking like winners.

Whilst this is a solid album from start to finish there are some definite highlights. 'Devil In Me' sounds like a car crash between Led Zeppelin and Guns n Roses, whilst 'Broken Dreams' delivers a Cinderella-esque ballad. 'Tease the Flames' is however the rip-roaring cream of the crop, so much so that I'd put it in the Top 10 songs of 2008. The growling, blissfully strained vocals suit the style perfectly and it's worth digging up the album for this track alone. Top this off with the adrenaline packed 'Savage Side' and this is one album that has gone unfairly unnoticed to date.

Underground Attack have delivered a wonderful package with 'Sleazy Dream': 12 filler-free tracks, digipack packaging, nice production... and a great collection of tracks, making for one hell of a debut.

by Lindsay Buloch

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