Undercover Slut - Amerikkka Macht Frei

I'd be interested to know just how many people have dismissed Undercover Slut as generic glam rock fodder given their name and image. I'm curious as to how many people have failed to pick at the scab of the moniker and the make-up and, thereby, overlooked an important musical outfit, an aural terror cell with an acute social commentary that comes swathed in the blackest rock 'n' roll.

Rock music with a message is cherry picking for many listeners. Rage Against The Machine sold millions of units, and probably just as many of their posters hung on teenage walls the world over, but how many of those fans really bought into the message and ideals of the band? How many simply liked a hot, fashionable group? When 'You Suck' was pumped out of dancefloor speakers in the mid-nineties, how many of those clubbers scurried off to research the politics of Consolidated? How many people will, after viewing the slaughterhouse footage incorporated into the video of 'Shadow Song' from 'Amerikkka Macht Frei', stop eating meat? Casual listeners can take as much or as little as they want from bands like these, but to fully appreciate the work of these artists you have to let them absorb you. With this album, Undercover Slut should absorb, even violate, the listener. I remember the cult moviemaker Jim Van Bebber talking about really moving people with your art - if making a horror movie, you have to horrify - and this record will move you if your eyes are open wide enough to see beyond the structure of a modern rock song....

Recorded at the legendary Chop Shop studio in Hollywood and produced by Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee), 'Amerikkka Macht Frei' is a record that surely, finally, sounds the way that Undercover Slut mainstay O intended. The shift to the US only adds to the poisoned pop culture punch-out of the band - 'Anna Nicole Smith' is a haunted homage to an unlikely icon who sacrificed her body, fractured mind and, ultimately, her life in pursuit of the American dream; 'Jesus Kills! Coroner Saves!' features a spoken word section by Matthew Robert, purportedly the son of Charles Manson. Toilets will again be flushing all over Beverly Hills. The album artwork (featuring the work of Dean Karr, whose previous credits include Slipknot and Amen) doesn't leave many blanks to be filled in - the infamous photograph of the hooded Iraqi prisoner at Abu Ghraib sets the tone perfectly for songs like 'Dear Dead Prez'.

There will be lazy Marilyn Manson comparisons levelled at this record but, in reality, this is what Taime Downe could only dream that The Newlydeads would sound like - with the dumbass sex lyrics replaced by a razor-witted social awareness. The N word will also be lazily associated with Undercover Slut - nihilism - but this would be misguided as the band appear to be hacking through the ignorant and attempting to save lives. Whilst their connections with the Animal Liberation Front and P.E.T.A. may be less apparent on the album's songs - 2004 release 'Communism Is Fascism' contained a track entitled 'Sixty Silent Seconds To Repent For Your Animal Genocide' that was one minute of silence - I feel that this belief is as important to the band as bass and drums. The afore-mentioned uncensored video for the track 'Shadow Song' is an essential hammer blow to the face of the moron majority and should be played on a constant loop in fast food restaurants and at fashion shows.

'Amerikkka Macht Frei' is an album that could, and should, leave chaos in its wake. It walks a left hand path through a world polluted by the ignorant, the blinkered, the scum of this earth. If you really listen, you can take out all that has been put into this record. There is hope for us all.....

by Gaz E.

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