Undercover Slut - Drama-Sick Democra-Sin

The France I saw on holiday this year was a picturesque part of the Alsace with great food and great wine. Undercover Slut is the angry side of France that burns cars and throws bricks at the CRS.

Their Mansonesque brand of musique-noir takes you into a dark realm. With their latest outing "Drama-Sick Democra-Sin" is 3 tracks of pure hate and anger. I think I may have accidentally stumbled across tracks 101, 102 and 103 from Antichrist Superstar!

The title track "Drama-Sick Democra-Sin" is a fast track with drumming that builds and builds in a coil and unleashes its energy through the anger and pain felt in the vocals. "The SS Star In My Own Theatre" progresses from quiet backing samples to full-on double bass drumming with a wall of bass-guitar and aggressive spikes of guitar showing through to emphasise the point that Undercover Slut hate the world. The final track, "Jim Jones Was Not So FUCKING Wrong" is a faster paced track, which makes innovative use of samples to balance their use of their instruments. I really could not find more words to describe this track other than awesome!

I managed to close my mouth after the 2nd time through listening to this CD and realised Mon dieu! Je les aime! J'espère qu'ils visiteront l'Angleterre!! An amazing CD combining the anger of Marilyn Manson with the pain of NIN.

An utter assault on the senses. 9/10

by SJ Skyline

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