Undercover Slut - Communism Is Fascism

Originating from France comes 'Undercover Slut'. Mostly presenting a dark, political and controversial image, 'Undercover Slut' release the full-length album titled, 'Communism is fascism'. I think the title suggests it all. This is not a band that likes to hide away from the media.

With an opening intro similar to that of 'The Murderdolls' and 'Frankenstein Drag Queens', this band are bound to get comparisons to the Goth rock scene, and that's fine with them. Their views tend to come across very anarchic in line with a punk attitude but with a Goth slant, which only intensifies the extremity of their opinions in their music and lyrics. With vocals similar to Casey Chaos of 'AMEN' and Dani Filth of, 'Cradle of Filth', lead vocalist simply known as, 'O' leads the band with rebellious and anarchic vocals with the aggression of a band who have opinions and want people to know about it. This can be seen with controversial track titles such as 'Redneck Racism', which is actually only a short excerpt of a telephone conversation, and, 'Assassination is Salvation', a track filled with crashing drums and driving guitars. Perhaps slightly more punk than previous tracks. More unusual still is the 'track', 'Sixty Seconds To Repent For Your Animal Genocide', which is actually simply 60 seconds of silence. Very inventive.

A heavy guitar sound is heard throughout with occasional wild guitar solos by lead guitarist, Pill. However I would say that the guitar does get very repetitive and could benefit from a tad more variation in the rhythm department, though this is a small criticism on an overall great band. A highlight is 'Daddy's little cunt', which bursts out as the last track on the album and finishes the album with a bang.

I'd say 'Undercover Slut', will appeal to fans of 'The Murderdolls', 'Mortis' and 'Bitch Alert' but is by no means constrained to one simple genre. I think their sound will appeal to many across the board and their views will be appreciated by anyone pissed off by respective fucked up governments or the world itself in general. Definitely not a band to shy away from controversy. Listen to them.

by Lauren May

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