Undercover Slut - Naziconographick: Terrorism Tracks For Nihilistic Numbers

I've gotta say, this has to be the weirdest press pack I have ever received, two razorblades (which I cut myself on) and an insulin needle, which subtlety drops into the plastic sleeve as the paperwork is removed, and 'wham bam, thank you ma'am', 100% attention gained.

UCS 'Born and raised in Psychotic Paris, Fucked-up France' as they say, and we see yet another band drawing that fine line on music, just as The Newlydeads did. You can attempt to pin them down but the likelihood of managing it is a big fat '0' and the further you dig the more influence you hear. I'm still a little unsure however, as to why Delinquent Records placed them on their pink CD (The Pink and the Black); I've been digging and I still see no influence or leaning toward the glam genre other than image, but then, even the band state this in their biography. So I'll say, DO NOT expect anything pretty, pink and fluffy from these guys as you are now entering the 'creepy' world of Darkwave, Industrial and fetishism.

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by Spice D. Warlock

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