Tuuli - Here We Go

'Here We Go', the full-length debut from Tuuli, is a power punk pop album that retains the listeners attention upon repeat listens. If the CD was nothing more than 13 catchy tracks that combined shampoo-esque vocals, Tsar's knack for memorable dynamics and hooks with the explosive rhythms of American Heartbreak and Libertine it would still rate as one of the better CDs I've heard come out of this genre. Tuuli, however, brings more to the table.

Under the quick punk riffs lie subtleties that lift this CD above and beyond anything with a blink or sum attached to the name. Whether it's the backing shouts that would make Jaqui and Carrie smile on 'Rockstar Boyfriends', the horns in '10 Miles To Go', or the keyboard leads that predominate the background of the tracks, the ladies of Tuuli obviously understand the importance of texture when it comes to song writing. The only time that the band misses the mark is with the unnecessary remix of 'It's Over', nonetheless, it does little, if anything to tarnish a very impressive debut.

As an added note, when shopping for 'Here We Go' it'll be worth your effort to find the Canadian release as it's packaged with a bonus five song EP/Multimedia CD

by Lycan Davis

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