Tsar - Band-Girls-Money

There's a strong scent of the rebellion of The Stooges and the more poppy swagger of T-Rex in Tsar's newest album, Band-Girls-Money. Fresh off the heels of their critically acclaimed self-titled debut, the Los Angeles quartet return with ten more great tracks.

The band rocks out hard on the title track, ushering you into the album, with the sounds of The (International) Noise Conspiracy would do, with lots of energy. They follow it up with Wanna Get Dead, a fantastic power-pop track with awesome guitars and a melodic chorus. Tracks like Wrong show us exactly where Tsar get their glam rock label from.

Although Band-Girls-Money might not be quite as polished and complete as their self-titled first ablum, it makes for great listening. You can never go wrong with good, raunchy guitars and slick vocals and, by sticking with this philosophy, Tsar have produced a fantastic album!

Front man Jeff Whalen struts through the disc, backed by these raunchy guitar riffs and torrential drumming. The songs on Band-Girls-Money are short and sweet, producing sounds reminiscent of "Dream Police"-era Cheap Trick. It's almost as if Tsar have single handedly revitalised a sub-genre of rock-n-roll that time had forgotten.

by Sarah Street

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